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No One Understands Chords

[Am]I'm a man and [/D#]you're a man and [Am]we don't under[/D#]stand,
[Am]Why the world is [/D#]such a funny [Am]shape it is so [/D#]bland.
[Am]If I wanted [/D#]to kill or as[Am]sasinate the [/D#]Queen,
[Am]They would only [/D#]lock me up and [Am]throw away the [/D#]key.
[F#5] Then you'd never get out,
Then you'd never get in.
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[Am]No one [/D#]understands[Am] [/D#]me,
[Am]no one [/D#]understands.[Am][/D#]    x2

If I wanted to be someone I think I would be
Margaret Thatcher.  She's so cool, I think she should be Queen.
Now if you should agree with this then I think you should be
Hung and drawn and quartered and then thrown in to the sea.
And then you'd never get out
Because you can't swim.


no chords for 4 measures, then [Am][F#5]

||: No one understands me, no one understands. :||