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Wherever You Are Chords

Wherever You Are by SouthBorder

Intro - C-F

C                          D7/F# 
I love to see the ocean's beauty
Fm                         C
And the moon that shines above
C                          D7/F# 
Alone in the sand looking at the stars
Fm                         C
Wishing someday i would find true love
C                          D7/F# 
Would it be nice to see the morning
Fm                         C
With the one you love the most
C                          D7/F# 
Would it be nice to say goodnight
Fm                         C  G       Am7
To the one you hold so close to your heart
C/D         G
To your heart.
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G                          Dm7
The wind that blows the dove
G                         Am7 - 
Is the wind that blows my love
C/D                  D7/F#        Dm7        G
Hope it'll find its way to you wherever you are.

I love to sit in fields of green
Looking deeply through the sky
Watching birds as they fly by
Hoping someday fate will bring me true love.
Would it be nice to hold someone
So dear, near your heart
Would it be nice to hear those words
I love you from the one that you love,
That you love.

[repeat chorus]

I'd love to see myself one day
In the arms of someone
Who will share her life with me
You will find your way… 
   C-    Dm   Em7   Am7           
to me…  me   me     oh   oh   oh oh oh
D7/F#              G7         [ch]F#/G#[/ch]
yeah    yeah   yeah   yeah   yeah   yeah   yeah   
[repeat chorus 1 fret higher]
the wind that...

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