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Love Song Chords

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Date: Fri, 08 May 1998 15:48:01 +0100
From: Oscar Holm 
Subject: s/soundtrack_of_our_lives/love_song_3105.crd

Love Song #3105 - The Soundtrack of Our Lives

>From their second album "Extended Revelation" 

transcribed by Hans-Fredrik Enger
               Hekan Sterner               

Chords used:

Dm      xx0231
D*      554030
Am      x02210
C       332010
Cmaj7   332000
Em      022000
G       320033
Fmaj7   x33210
Fmaj7*  x33200

Slide guitar + Dm   Am   C   G

Dm                    Am
I'm so happy that you made the grade

C                     G                      
Not much of a life to throw away

Dm                  Am                  
Indecisions made it all so clear

C              G                          
Anything to forget your fear

   Em    C    D*   C  Cmaj7

Dm                   Am
Generation gaps were just for fun

C                           G
And you were born under the yellow pill sun

Dm                    Am
Life's an obstacle to rise above

C                             G
So won't you lend me all your secret love


Fmaj7   C

[ Tab from: ]
      Fmaj7 G          Fmaj7                 C
Gimme Prozac, well I suppose that's what you eat

        Fmaj7     G              Fmaj7          C      Fmaj7  C  Fmaj7
Give my feet back, cause I can't seem to get no relief

     G              Fmaj7                C    Fmaj7  C  Fmaj7
When life is just a walk in the sun with you
     G              Fmaj7                  Dm   
Yes, life is just a stroll in the sun with you

All in all is all we are they say

C                         G
So why not leaf a role in random play?

Dm                        Am
There's so many things to talk about

C                         G
In situations when you're left with no doubt

Fmaj7   C

Repeat chorus as above, Ebbot sings this: 

So if you ever let me sing along
And be a part of your favourite songs
It wouldn't be so hard, it shouldn't be so hard
To get things done

Em                Fmaj7
And if we fall in love again

Em                Fmaj7
I wouldn't need another friend

     G              Fmaj7                C    Fmaj7  C  Fmaj7
When life is just a walk in the sun with you

     G              Fmaj7                C    Fmaj7  C  Fmaj7
Yes, life is just a walk in the sun with you

G              Fmaj7                  C    
Life is just a stroll in the sun with you

                              ... with you ...
   C   Cmaj7  Fmaj7 Fmaj7* 
G--0---0-------2---2--+  x4  ,end with a C

Feel free to send any comments to us

Hekan Sterner    

Hans-Fredrik Enger