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From: Greg O'Beirne 
additions: "Keith D. Barron II" 
Subject: Soundgarden -- 'HE DIDN'T'
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 15:30:41 PST

Music: M. Cameron
Lyrics: C. Cornell

This is my favorite song off of Ultramega OK except for "Incessant Mace" 
and "Beyond the Wheel"
The other tab I saw has all the notes there but they are played wrong. . 
. well thats what I think.

Intro: all harmonics


Main Guitar Part
[ Tab from: ]


Verse Part: with palm muting

3/4                          4/4

I dont know what the hell the interlude is.
But that part sucks anyway. 
During the verse and main guitar part the bass plays the same thing. It 
doesnt play at all in the intro and I don't know what it plays during 
the interlude thing.

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