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Burden In My Hand Chords

Most of the tabs for this song seem to be pretty good, but I am far too lazy to 
retune my guitar too often (or at all...), and I dont have a capo to use with the 
ver 2 chords tab. 

So this is rough transcription of that tab (with a some help from the great guitar 
pro tab) into some barre chords for standard tuning. Not a perfect tab by any 
means, but great for strumming away with an acoustic guitar without much bother. 

Major credit must go to the author of chords ver 2, I've pulled some stuff 
straight from that and changed the chord names. 

C - x35553
D#- x68886
A#- 688766
G - 355433
G#- 466544
F#- 244322
F - 133211

Verses :
The verses all follow the same pattern. Listen to the song to figure out the exact 
timings, this is just a rough guide. 

C           D#
Follow me into the desert
     A#             C
As thirsty as you are
C                  D#
Crack a smile and cut your mouth
     A#              C
And drown in alcohol

And so on and so forth. Now, the trick is to hit the low string/s (i'm very lazy!) 
twice each time you make a chord change. 'duh duh strum strum strum'. Except maybe 
on that second C in each section, it just sounds like strumming to me. Listen to 
the song, you'll figure it out! 

Pre Chorus:
This is a little tricky. There are some odd timings here. Having the song is 
helpful, but I strongly recommend the Guitar Pro tab, its really good for figuring 
out the timing of the last bit.

This from the chords ver 2 tab seems to work well enough:
D#   C
Oh no
D#         C
There she goes
Then the tricky bit:
[ Tab from: ]
D#        C D# C CC D#      C D# C CC D#         C CC D# C CC G D# C
Out in the sunshine the sun is mine the sun is mine  

This is a good chorus, with that great little descending tune after each line. 
Again, this is very rough timing for the chord changes, listen to song! Its pretty 
simple here. 

C          A#          G#        D#      A# F# F 
I shot my love today would you cry for me
C          A#          G#        D#      A# F# F
I lost my head again would you lie for me
C          A#          G#        D#         A# F# F
I left her in the sand just a burden in my hand
C          A#          G#        D#      A# F# F
I lost my head again would you cry for me

At the end of playing the A# slide down to the G#. Then continue to play the G# as 
per the song. 

Taken pretty much from chords ver 2
Play each chord 3 times

C                   D#
Just a burden in my hand
C                    G#
Just an anchor on my heart
 C                  G#         A# F# F
Just a tumor in my head

Last chorus - repeat the second part of the last line; thats the part from G# 
onwards ('would you cry for me'). Then right at the end, it sounds like another C 
D# C, like in the prechorus. 

Thats it! Well, not really, but from there you can figure it out, and be as 
accurate or as lazy as you please. Hope this helps someone, I really just wanted 
to play that great chorus riff without re-tuning and such.