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Caramel Tab

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S. & D. Dewaele/ P. Dierickx/S. Van Leuven 
C Db x2 
C Db 			C 
You fell down the stairs 
Db 		C 
Been don before 
Stuck to the seats 
Db F A F E G 
Like caramel, caramel 
C Db 		C 
No word is spoken 
Db		 C 
Try act serene 
Stuck on each other 
Db F A F E G 
Like caramel, caramel, oh, oh, oooooh 
A 			Ab 
Red splendour above my head 

F 			    E	   G 
The ugly the bad and the good 
I saw you projected there 
On canvas oil of blood 

Tab : da WickeD	
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