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Face Chords

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Band Name:  Soulcracker
Song Title:  Face
Album:  Let it Bee
Tuning:  Standard (E A D G B E)

Chords Needed:

String	E	F	F#	A	B

e	0	1	2	0	x
B	0	1	2	2	4
G	1	2	3	2	4
D	2	3	4	2	4
A	2	3	4	0	2
E	0	1	2	x	x

Or you can just use power chords, I don't care.  There's two guitars anyway, making this a difficult tab, so do whatever you think sounds better.

Intro Chords:
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A B E F F#

After that play (used many times in the song):

F#  3 times followed by A B E F for a few measures

Clean Part:  

B F# A E B B A E B F# A A B A E

Verse Part (with Distortion):

B A F# A

The solo part is tought, each guitar does something different.  I believe one plays along with the chord structure of A F# E, but I'm nowhere near certain.

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