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From: (Steve Vetter)
Subject: IMPROVED: Without a Trace - Soul Asyalum

Soul Asylum - Without a Trace
I have updated what was posted a few months ago, and added some performance
notes.  I was doing this to help me band practice it and thought that I'd post
it.  The [electric guitar] guitar parts are played with power chords (I
think).  Best wishs, Steve Vetter 

G[320003]  Am[x02210]  C[x32010]  D[xx0232]
The intro chords are:

G Am C D

Then it goes:


Then during the verse it goes the same intro chords but you play them like
an arpeggio.
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G          Am                C                  D
I fell in love with a hooker she laughed in my face
G          Am           C           D
So seriously I took her I was a disgrace
C*            D*               G*
I was out of line I was out of place
Out of time to save face
C*           D*               G*           C*
See the open mouth of my suitcase saying leave this place
C                    D     C                     D
Leave without a trace      Leave without a trace
C     D         G
Leave without a trace

[Intro riff]

I tried to get a good job with honest pay
might as well join the mob, the benefits are OK
[electric guitar]
Standing in the sun with a popsicle
anything is possible,
with a lot of luck and a pretty face
and some time to waste
leave without a trace
leave without a trace
leave without a trace

intro riff x2

I tried to dance at a funeral New Orleans style
I joined the Grave Dancers Union I had to file
trying to do the right thing
play it straight
the right thing changes from state to state
don't forget to take your mace
if you're out walking late
I liked to see your face
You left without a trace
leave without a trace

riff x3 (or ad lib variations on intro and out)
  I  Steve Vetter                    I   "I'm not the same                  I
  \           I        As I was long ago,            /
  I  Elon College                    I    I've learned some new things      I
  /  Love School of Business         I        And I hope that it shows..."  \
  I  Alpha Kappa Psi                 I          -Neil Young  (Homefires)    I