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Cartoon Chords

Riff A
Guitar 1
e|----------------------------           ---------------------------|
B|---------------------------           ----------------------------|
G|---------------------------   X3    ---------------/4--/5---------|   X1
D|----/5--4--0--2---------           -----/5--/7--------------------|
A|-------------------3------           -----------------------------|

Guitar 2

You can either pick the individual notes for this part or strum the G and C
chord formations.

Verse 1:
D   G   F#(single note)   Em  C  D  G
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   C            D                 G
Now everybody's looking after me
   C                         D                     G   F#      Em
If I'm draggin' by some coat tail I can't see it's too dark
   C                                   D                      G
But I've got to know what's got the best of me
   C                                     D                          G
When the circus that you've left goes on parade
   C                                      D          G         F#         Em
In those bleacher seats so far in your charade it's too far
   C                                     D
But I'm feeling like I don't dare look away

Riff A

Verse 2:
Did it almost make you feel like something's gonna happen soon
When you wake up feeling lost in your own room
If you're crying in your beer you're gonna drown
If you think we'll rise above you better look around you'll see
It's a mountain made of sand comin' under me
Maybe I'm chasing shadows on your walls
They loom so large, but make me feel so small so hard
When you're chasing your own tails spinnin' your own wheels

Riff A
I'm gonna try to leave, when the world's so full of everything
I'd tried to leave, I've tried to see, I've tried everything without looking

Verse 3:
Did it almost make you feel that something's gonna happen soon
You're in the movies now and I'm in your cartoon
There's a ringing in your ears that's heaven sent
There's a feast out on the ruins, some broken down lover's were meant
It goes on and on but it won't go away

Solo (same as Riff A but in a different position)

Riff A