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The Art Of Letting Go Chords

This song is really here are the chords. Have fun playin

Intro: F-Bb-

Put away the pictures
put away the memories
         F             Dm
I put over and over
through my tears
I've held them till i'm blind
They keep my hope alive 
          Am         Dm          Gm     
As if somehow that i'd keep you here
C                      F            Bb
Once you believed in a love forever more? 
C                                  Gm
How do you leave it in a drawer?
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Bb                F              Gm                 Am
Now here it comes, the hardest part of all
Bb                Dm                    Dm
Unchain my heart that's holdin' on
Bb              F/A     Dm            Gm
How do i start to live my life alone
Bb                     Dm
Guess I'm just learning
Gm                C              F
Learning the art of letting go.

Try to say it's over
Say the word goodbye.
                F              Dm       Bb
But each time it catches in my throat
Your still here in me
And i can't set you free
F/A              Dm
So hold on to what I wanted most
C           F                      Bb                     C
Maybe someday we'll be friend's forever more
Bb                                    C
Wish I could open up that door
            (Repeat Refrain)

Watchin' us fade
What can i do?
      F                       Dm                 Gm
But try to make it through the pain one more day
    Bb       C
Without you
     (Repeat Refrain)

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