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Whatever Comes First Chords

Sons of the Desert, Whatever Comes First

No Capo, Standard Tuning

 G                                        C
Everyone says that it's no big deal.    Nothing a little more time won't heal.

G                                      F        D
Sooner or later the way I feel will  change.

    G                                         C
But they never hurt the way I do.       Cause they never had to get over you.
     G                                     F        D
So they never shared my point of view of the pain.

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             Cadd9          D          G
I've either got to  leave  the past  behind.
               Cadd9            D    G
Or find myself a  way  to  lose  my  mind. 
      Cadd9     D       Em
I'm ready for a  change  of    any     kind.
             F     D                              G
For better or worse.       I'll take whatever come first. 

(Verse #2)
There's only so much a man can take.
Before his reality starts to break.
Especially holding an old heartache like you.
Oh, somebody's leaving.
I don't care who, there's not enough room in my mind for two.
It's finally come down to me or you.



Em C D G


I'd do anything go anywhere. Show me some way out and girl I'm there..
It's gotten to the point where I don't care. Blessing or curse.
I'll take whatever come first