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Sixteen For A While Chords

Sixteen for a while  Sons of Maxwell (
Tabbed By : Bradley Bourgeois

G      C                D       Em  
I returned to my home town yesterday       
        C              G                 D
and my life before my eyes came flashing back
G             C                 D               Em                      
Everything was changed and the faces look so strange  
C                     G             D
sometimes I wish that I was young again

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Em         C            G                     D                        
And if I close my eyes think on back to happy times  
Em            C       G        D
I could be 16 years old for awhile
Em                   C                    G         D
Honest friendships, high school dances innocence short romances 
Em           C          G                 D
Life was simple but it sure was good somehow 

G      C               D         Em
Then we drove to an old beach last night 
          C          G           D
a place we used to go not long ago
G                 C  
Walking barefoot in the sand
D                Em            C
I saw to people holding hands
               G                 D
Falling in love for their first time

G        C            D           Em    
Now I'm older I guess a little wiser 
C               G           D
experience is added to my name
G                    C            D         Em
But I can't help but feel that I traded apart  
C          G         D
Who I am along the way

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