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Sail Away Chords

Sail Away-Sonny and Brownie
This is off an album Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee did together  appropriately called 
and Brownie." It's a cover of a Randy Newman song and sounds good on solo acoustic.

F           Dmin       G7
  In America you'll get plenty food to eat
  A                              C
  Won't have to run through the jungle
             (Bb)   F
  And scuff up your  feet

F                           Dmin
  You'll just sing about Jesus
  And drink wine all day
C                    (Bb)
  It's gonna be great
F                   F
  To be an American

 F                      Dmin
  Ain't no lions or tigers
  Ain't no mamba snake
  Just the sweet watermelon
  And the buckwheat cake

 F                 Dmin
  Everybody is happy
  As a man can be
 C              (Bb)
  Climb aboard little children
  Sail away with me
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 Sail Away
 Sail Away
         F                     Dmin              G       C
 We will cross the mighty ocean into Charleston Bay
 Sail Away
 Sail Away
           F      Dmin        G           Bb     F
 We will cross the mighty ocean into Charleston Bay

Note: You can play that last Bb as a C also.

In America
Every man is free
To take care of his home
and his family

You'll be happy as a monkey
in a monkey tree
Be American
Sail away with me

Chorus x 2

When it says (Bb) that means that chord is optional. The song also sounds closer to the 
if you play the "A#'s" as barre chords at the 6th fret and you play the Bb's as barre 
at the 1st fret. I realize that's kind of confusing, so just play it however's comfortable.

Also this sounds pretty close to the Randy Newman version, so if you like that one 
try and play around with the chords to get it.

Here's the link to Sonny Terry's web site-