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God And Man Chords

F# B
God and man played hide and go seek
C# B F
God told man, now man don't you peak
Man counted to ten and then looked around
But God was nowhere, nowhere to be found

Man looked in the mountain, he looked cross the sea
He looked in the stars and the skies and the trees
He looked in the wind and the sun on the ground
But God was nowhere, nowhere to be found
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So man made an image, and he gave it a name
But this manmade God brought nothing but pain
Man started shouting: God, where can you be?
I'm right here, man, inside of thee

Oh man was so shocked, he was really surprised
Because he looked everywhere, but right there inside
Now man found God, man found love
And man found out what we all are made of

God is in you, and God is in me
And to love all of God is to love humanity