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Somewhere Under The Rainbow Chords

Capo 2nd Fret

Intro: (G)  (Em)  (C)  (D)

(G) This street that we (Em) live on 
(C) Ain't no yellow brick (D) road 
(G) This paycheck that I (Em) bring home
(C) Sure ain't no pot of (D) gold (C) (C/B)
(Am) When people dream they don't (G/B) wish they were us (C) (C/B)
(Am) But they don't know we got 
(D) More than en(C)ough, (D) we're 
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 (G) Somewhere un(G/F#)der the (Em) rainbow 
 Just watching the (C) late show
 Living on (D) love 
 (G) Dancing slow (G/F#) to the (Em) radio 
 Just (C) holding on 
 (Am) Some(G/B)where (C) un(D)der the (G) rainbow.

Some folks spend their whole life 
Dreaming about the other side 
Where the rain never falls and those bluebirds fly 
But I take forever where the skies aren"t always blue 
'Cause when I'm in your arms I know dreams come true