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Me No Fear Tab

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      MeNoFearTheReaper, by Pop Will Eat Itself
   ..Tabbed out by myself.
So, you want to play the groovy No Fee, No Fear mix of MeNoFearTheReaper on 
Two Fingers My Friends? Say no more, for here it is. The extra guitar parts 
are pretty much just parts of the riffs for Supernaut by Black Sabbath and 
Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. This made it an easy song to tab. :) 
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 Riff 1:                                   
  G:|-----------------|   The good old MeNoFearTheReaper riff. Untouched.  

 Riff 2:                 
  G:|--------------|   This is the first 'stolen riff,' that of Supernaut..

 Riff 3:

  G:|------------|   This is played right after the Supernaut riff, 
  D:|------------|   and is from Smells Like Teen Spirit.
                          That's that. Simple, no? 

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