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Computer Age  --   Neil Young
                   (the version by Sonic Youth)
                   (From the album "The Bridge" a tribute)

1.   Intro:   G G G  E  E  E  E  E  E (4 times) alot of E's on the 4th time
     can play G as simply all strings open (alla Rockin in the Free World)

2.   Main Riff:   (8 times, last 4 with lyrics)

  Bm             G     A       last time add F# at end


3.   Fill  G G G A A A A A   (3 times)

4.   Intro  (G and E)  4 times

5.   Main Riff  (8 times, last 4 with lyrics)


6.   Fill (3 times)
         "computer age"  (on third time)

7.   Intro (4 times)

8.   Middle part  


[ Tab from: ]
     Lead over middle part (i tried to keep the timing)



9.   Fill  (3 times)

10.   Intro (4 times)

11.   Main Riff  


12.   End with the intro (try E and G power chords up on 7 and 10)

There are bits of lead throughout the song but i'll leave that to you
since I don't play them.  Just make sure there's plenty of distortion
on all guitars.  Neil would want it that way.

You stay in your village, and I will stay in mine. 
If your sheep come to eat our grass, we will kill you. 
We may kill you anyway to get your grass for our sheep if we run short.
Anyone who tries to make us change our ways is a witch, and we will kill him.
Stay out of our village.  

"The Neolithic Ethic" -- formulated by anthropologist Carleton S. Coon
                         quoted from "Confrontation in Space" by G. Harry Stine

William W. Brocklehurst