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Dear Laughing Doubters Chords

I know that the bridge is off but I'm not sure what the actual chords are. Let me 
know if you know!

D               D7
What a morning
D6             D7
Made to order
What a rainbow
Em7                        A7
We'll go there someday

D                   D7
See that blue sky
D6               D7
Knows no limits
E7                                              A          A7
That's why the clouds stay away
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            Bm         Bm7             Bm6       E7
It's so easy predicting the way
               Bm           Bm7 
People shrug in surprise
                     Em7          G#m7b5
When they hear what I say

D                          F#7
Hear laughing doubters
Bm                     D7
I'm laughing louder
G                      A7
I don't really care

                   Dm             F#7
There's a song in my ear 
                    Bm              D7
I've been hearing for years
  F#7               Bm            D
Somehow it always appears