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CALEB- Sonata Arctica
Acoustic version by sinForge xJp

Standard tuning, Capo 2, 4, 5 & 6 (Changes where indicated)

*I know.. 4 capo positions is a bit much, and I DID try to at least avoid the 
 switch to 5 in the middle.. Unfortunately, there wasn't a good-sounding way 
 around it.. But honestly, none of the moves are really that much hassle =) 
 Also, in the actual song, the guitar is pretty stationairy in the verses, and 
 all the tonality is in the keyboards.. so I considered the tonality when 
 doing the verse..  I've also MAPPED OUT the chords for a change =D  Enjoy!!

Em    022000            Dadd11  x54030
E     022100            Dadd11* x54035 
Bm    x24432            Dm      xx0231
Bsus4 x24400            D       xx0232
B     x24442            Am      x02210
Bb    x13331            Asus2   x02200
C     x32010            A       x02220
C*    x32013            F       133211
C/B   x20010            F#m     244222
C#    x46664            G       320033	


   There is a man in this world, who has never smiled
   You may know his tragedy, the later years, by heart

E|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|-  x2
   In the beginning, there was a mother, a father, and a child 
   A troubled little silent boy, whose life they worked to destroy

  Known to us from this day on by his father, Caleb..


Em.. Bm.. C*.. Dadd11*
Em.. Bm.. C*.. Dadd11*
Am.. Bsus4.. C... Dadd11
Am.. Bsus4.. C... Dadd11

    Em             Bsus4       C             Dadd11              Asus2
His mother came up with such a clever way to save the day with a little white lie
   Em                   Bsus4                C                 Dadd11         Asus2
He thinks he missed the point back then, but now he's grown to understand it, in a way
Em               Bm          C*           Dadd11*
Father said "I'm sorry" only once, as I remember
Em                 Bm                  C*              Dadd11*
The words were not meant to hurt, only destroy you, my stupid son

    Am         Bsus4  C           Dadd11
One person can make a difference, sometimes
     Am                     Bsus4            C     Dadd11
Just turn his head when the kid is still and has a weak neck

Smiled at his funeral, "happy you're dead."

Em        Bsus4              C          Dadd11         Asus2
All his solutions, it seemed, were only problems in disguise
Em             Bsus4         C          Dadd11    Asus2
Glueing on his drinkin' face, got ready to erase another day

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Am             F            Am                 F                 C       
Mother was yet confident, although they had it tight, taught her son
       Dm           E
At the end of every tunnel's a little light
            Am              F               Am              F
It wasn't a lie, it was her hope, that everything would be fine one day
C                  Dm               E                                
He can fulfill his every dream, I'm happy as long as he's not

F   G           A          E
..I hate it and fear can't face it
    F            G              A        E
The child is not right, he's my greatest shame
   F           G            A           E
Go out, create thunder, and stand right under
     F         G               A             [CHANGE CAPO to 5 NOW]
That old apple tree where dead snakes let him feed on those

Am          F         G                C        C/B  Am    
Lost hopes, all those kind words could hurt him even more, now
F        G             C        C/B
Somehow, lost one more way back home


    Em              Bsus4          C                         Dadd11             Asus2
Out on the lake, he rows towards a monster he should've been running away from, years ago
    Em                Bsus4        C                   Dadd11      Asus2
The past had made him blind to the way he'd turned the pain into a way of life


Am           F                  Am        F          
Followed his father, tucked him in, Caleb knows the trade
C        Dm            E                              Am
He's the portrait of a man his mother drew to hate forever
          F               Am              F
She was a beast, a deadly saint, wrong in many ways
C         Dm             E     [CHANGE CAPO to 4 NOW]  
Wanted to keep up the charade, until the end waltzing together



Em                             C
Over the hills, under the sea, fighting the will, whole Universe
G              Am               B
Why does a man driving a hearse live in fear, Gift and a Curse
F#m                             D
Taking 'em out, taking 'em all, shooting the wall, over and out
A                   Bm              C#                          F#m
When nothing moves, all's well, a decision he can find a way to live with
...And dried up flowers are so beautiful
    A             Bm         C#
And it applies to all things living, and dead
                 Em Bm    C       D        Em   Bm  C  D  A
For that I serve my time... in my suite in Hell

Em.. Bsus4.. C.. Dadd11
Em.. Bsus4.. C.. Dadd11
Em.. Bsus4.. C.. Dadd11
Em.. Bsus4.. C.. Dadd11


    Em         Bm      C        D    
Now I ring the bell to tell the world
    Em              Bm            C          D                Em
I'm ready when they bring out the soon to be dead against the wall
Bm   C      G   Am    B           Em Bm C G Am B
Oooh.. This necessary evil has no heart

Em                    C
Flowers and people he will now enlace
  G             Am            B
A price he must pay serving a cold ..whateverGod    

                           ..C.. F  C
Dm.. Bb.. C.. F  C Dm.. Bb.. C.. F  C
Dm.. Bb.. C.. F  C Dm.. Bb.. C.. F  C

Em.. C..  D.. G  D Em.. C..  D.. G  D Em