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Breathing Chords

Breathing by Sonata Arctica

Great Song, make sure to play it in slow rock time. I didnt tab the the solo but 
its pretty easy to figure out, its essentially the B major scale, also there is 
someone on youtube who did a cover if your having trouble figuring it out. Happy Playing

Bm        Fm       A              E
I take my hat off, bow before the greatness
Bm             Fm                    A             E    
Youre so much braver I give you credit for
Bm            Fm                 A                E
Somehow the grays create a harmony
Bm     Fm                  A
And no color can add a flavor...
Ive started to feel like...

Cm E B
Cm E B
A Cm B
A Cm B
A B A 
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Bm        Fm                    A         E
 know the face, familiar stranger
Bm          Fm                   A         E
Im not a child, I feel misunderstood
Bm          Fm                                A                E
I built a bridge, you use the               
-the rope we are pulling is slipping away from me
Bm           Fm           A                   E
all this wasted time is killing me...and I've started to feel like...
Chorus 2x (Solo In between)
    Cm              E       B
    I can not control my life anymore
    Cm                   E          B
    Feel a need to leave and breathe on my own
    A                       Cm     B
    I remember all the broken songs  of our life
    A                Cm           B                       
    Maybe one more wrong will make it all right...
    A                      B  A
    I just really need to be alone now...