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{t:Medicine Hat}

# From:David Mellon   mellon55@earthlink  this file is all my own work.
{t:Medicine Hat}	
{st:Son Volt}
By Jay Farrar  From the album: Wide Swing Tremolo  Warner Bro's 1998

Capo 1st
 Intro: [A][E][B] (x2)
[E]There will be droughts and [A]days inundated
[F#m]Unveilings free from [B]saturation
[G#m]Departures raised with [A]no masquerading.
[E]There will be teachers that [A]die by their own hand
[F#m]Pundits that push head[B]long for atonement
[G#m]Friends and followers [A]devoted to living.
[E]There will be watchers that [A]plot from in confines
[F#m]And those committed to [B]society's circles
[F#m]Unwary cogs with no [B]cadence or virtue.
[C#m]There will be right, there will be wrong.[A]

[A]Drop of the [E]hat and its [B]already started. 
[A]Just like [E]that and the [B]deed is done.
[A]What I'd [E]give for that [B]hat to be medicine.
[A]The time is [E]now to be [Bsus]on the run.[B]
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[E]There will be machi[A]nations unforeseen
[F#m]Sleepwalking [B]sense from a bad dream
[G#m]No promenade [A]walk in the parkway.
[E]There will be catchwords[A]filled with infection
[F#m]circulars to [B]prop up occasion
[G#m]A golden mean to [A]guide the footsteps.
[E]There will be levels on [A]high hills that appraise
[F#m]there will be unchanging [B]certainties
[F#m]barometers that [B]follow the stampede. 
[C#m]There will be right, there will be [A]wrong.



[E]There will be signposts of [A]indication
[F#m]Semephore ghost [B]signs and warnings
[G#m]Hailstone halos and [A]country blues wailings.
[E]There will be strains that[A] break out of straight time
[F#m]But paid with grace,[B] taking roads to the same place
[G#m]With consequence to [A]repay what's been given.
[E]There will be layers of [A]means to an end
[F#m]drawn out days[B]before resolution
[F#m]dregs will rain down [B]from all directions.
[C#m]There will be right, there will be [A]wrong.


[A][E][B] (x4) [B][E]

An easier version: capo 3rd fret D/G/Em/A/F#m/G/D/G/Em/A 

transcribed by david mellon