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Ipecac Chords

Jay Farrar/Son Volt

Happy hair with fashion eyes, climbed up the ivory tower
        B                      A
Just forgot, what the game was for (x2)

Sing the streets of silence, we have to fight the way
         B                         A
From the bone, cook up the monring glue (x2)
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D                           A
Find a way to make it work, leave old bags behind
D                            A
This ride is a scream, happy hour turns hearts to dust
Fmaj7                   Gmaj7    Fmaj7            A
Watch out for love like ipecac a strage brew were looking at
Fmaj7         Gmaj7     A
Watch out for love like ipecac

Great buildings of majesty made by the rat race whore
       B                              A
Backed by, the graves of the laborors toil (x2)

Repeat Chorus