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Endless War Chords

			     Endless War- Son Volt
Tabbed by:  Milo Corp

Tuning:  Standard?

Intro is something like this:

       D                D   (3x)    G*      Em7      Dsus2   
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G                  Em7             Dsus2
Brought up in the neighborhood of restlessness
Brought up in the neighborhood without dreams
Brought up in the neighborhood around death
Am     Em                         G
We all discover the right time to open our eyes

Bm    Bm/A(xo4432)       G  F#m
Still trying to understand
Em          G                 F#m
How another wrong makes a right
Em          G                    D
The world needs another young life

Repeat throughout:

Outside forces of brutality
Rekindle bad blood with a walk on sacred ground
Not here to pass judgement or to criticize
Blame to share mistakes to go around


When morning brings news of wasted life
When video brings footage of children dying
No moral face to the endless war
No moral face to the endless war

Outro:  Bbsus2(x13311) C D (5x)