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Monsters Acoustic Chords

Monsters  (Capo 1)
   ------Something for Kate

     C2  Em   D/F#     A#   G/B   F    G   Am   Dm 

C2  Em (x3)   C2
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C2                   Em            D/F#
I was hanging upside down from the overpass
A#-G/B     C2            D/F#           Em
Waiting to discover something about the world
I couldn't get with the program and I couldn't listen to them
It was like trying to think in reverse
And I don't want to slide into apathy 
And I don't want to die in captivity
But these monsters follow me around
A#-G/B     C2         D/F#         F
Hunting me down, trying to wipe me out
G        F   Am
Wipe me out  (x3)

I was hiding away under water
Waiting for distance and buying some time
Trying to be two hundred thousand years younger
So I could excuse myself from humankind
'Cause I don't want to be a container
Or a bastard with a ten page disclaimer
But these monsters spin me around
Get me down, just try and shut me out
Shut me out (x3)

Dm  C2          G
Hold it in your head
Hold it in your head
Hold it in your head
F                                          Am
Believe and make believe and make believe

G             F   Am
(Shut me out) I was hiding away under water
(Shut me out) Waiting for distance, waiting for time
(Shut me out) And I don't want to slide into apathy
(Shut me out) And I don't want to live in captivity

End on F