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Deja Vu Chords

Year: 2003
Submitted By: BUCKO (

‘Something For Kate’ are an extremely popular band in Australia. This
song is the first single from this album. I play this song with a
capo on the 3rd fret. The last line in the chorus is a little strange.
When you play what I've tabbed below along with the song it's seems
pretty close, however when playing on your own, sounds completely out!? 

~ ~ ~ ~
    C                       Gm
(1) Lightglobes wash up all along the beach
C                             Gm
and you light me up with, you light me up with certainty,
C                                   Gm
Well she calculates coincidence and circumstance and turbulence,
C                                        A
Gotta see what it is and it's everything and it’s everything.
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     Gm                F       C
(Ch) Coz baby can't see through,
Gm                           F      C
all this matter & make up and deja vu,
Gm                            F         C
Yeah we drift here alone with nothing to do,
C     D                   G              Bb   A        
Until one of us makes the other one come true.

    C                               Gm
(2) She wants to meet her fate, but travel by free will,
C                                          Gm
But she can't have both and you can't stand still, still, still.
C                                          Gm
I'd be the luckiest man in the universe if cause and effect doesn't 

get there first,
C                                          A
But she keeps looking for patterns and the world just happens.

(Ch repeat)