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Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 19:20:49 -0800
Subject: Why Don't We go - The Solicitors

			Why Don't We Go

				By The Solicitors

Hey check this song out. It's by a local band. Write back if you like it.

This song is played on an acoustic mainly and it is fairly simple. All of the 
chords are placed over which word the chord should start with. Use a fast 
strumming pattern. Upbeat. Improvise. Have fun!!!

Here it goes:

A    C#m   G
Everyday I wonder

A        C#m            G    D/F#    
What the future brings, Long after

    A         C#m      G
The world has come and gone

    A        C#m           G        D/F#        
The pain and sorrow have become our masters
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A C#m G


A long gone case can't you see
Is a place where we might find ourselves to be
Never made anything of our lives
Never had anything that we could call mine


D   A        Bm
Why don't we go

D            A            Bm     E
Get right on out of here, on our way

     D           A      Bm        C#m
To a place where we can start all over

       D       A       E
That's where I want to be

  D         E       A
A place for you and me

D  E  A


When you're feeling down
Think before you jump or you'll end up downtown
Take some time to reflect
Things might happen when you least expect


The only thing that matters
Is that we don't look back cause we need something better
Even though we have sorrow
We always know that there's tomorrow


...Well there it is. If you like it, email me at
Maybe we can arrange for me to send you guys a sample.Thanks!!!