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I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow Chords

I am a man of Constant Sorrow
By the Soggy Bottom Boys

For the more adventurous in tuning. The tuning is DADGAD tune the high strings down to the proper notes. If you put a capo on the third fret, it sounds good to me.

(All Chords relative to capo on third fret) not sure if these are the right chord names no book in front of me.

	  D5   G   A7

D5         G  D5            G
I ...   am a man of constant sorrow
            A7             D5     G  D5
I've seen trou..ble all my days
D5           G  D5            G
I ...   bid farewell to old Kentucky
               A7                  D5
The place where I was born'd and raised 
D5              A7                    D5    G  D5
(The place where he.. was born and raised)

D5           G   D5                  G
For ...  six long years I've been in trouble
            A7                 D5   G  D5
No pleasure here on earth I found
D5          G   D5                 G
For ... in this world I'm bound to ramble
              A7                D5
I have no friends to help me down

D5              A7                 D5
(He has no friends to help him down)

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D5             G  D5                 G
It'..s   fare thee well my old true lover
            A7              D5    G  D5
I never expect to see you again
D5                G  D5                     G
For ...   I'm bound to ride that northern railroad
             A7                  D5
Perhaps I'll die upon this train
D5              A7                 D5
(Perhaps he'll die upon this train)

D5           G  D5               G
You ...  can bury me in sunny valley
            A7               D5
For many years where I may lay      
D5        G   D5                  G
And ...  you may learn to love another
             A7             D5
While I am sleepin' in my grave
D5           A7                D5
(While he is sleepin' in his grave)

D5               G   D5                 G
Maybe ... your friends think I'm just a stranger
              A7                   D5
My face you never will see no more
D5             G   D5                 G   
But ...  there is one promise that is given
                 A7                 D5
I'll meet you on God's golden shore
D5                A7                  D5
(He'll meet you on God's golden shore)

Tabbed by TRI-STAR if you have any Q’s e-mail me at band_182@hotmail