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Truth Chords


                        D          A                                                                     G              
It’s not everyday, that someone comes along and makes you feel this way
A                                                                  D
To let them down would be falling on your face
       A                                                 G                A                                                        D                
But how do you tell them what you feel without changing what you have and staying real
A                                               G   A
Real to your heart and who you are
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G    A                                    G          A
I… I don’t want to lose you, just for feeling this way
G             A                                  G                    A
I couldn’t stand to be without you even for a day…
            Em                                             A    
Cuz its torture inside and I don’t know whether I should hide…
Or let my feelings fly

                        D          A                                                                     G              
Well times can change, but I would rather go on feeling this way
A                                           D
Please don’t make it stop or let it get away
A           G                                                          D                                
And you cant make these feeling I feel go away
         A                                  G                 A
Loves invincible but you can try another day

Chad Lambert