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Warm July Chords

Capo 2 
(although there's no real need, that's what the recording is)

Essentially alternating Gs and Cs, except where marked. Nice and
leisurely. There's a slight fiddle on on the high strings of the G
in the picking. Listen for it.

It's already too late
to bring you flowers
it's already too late
to tie these ends

now nothing is straight
and I spend these hours
trying to break the weight
of what's left behind
no warm july here 
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I'll do what I can
to make things easy
yeah I'll do what I can
to take this weight

now nothing is good
and we're all uneasy
and bound to hesitate
and lose peace of mind
and warm july here
no warm july here

Am            C
   and when I gaze
these often books
and when I've found
you misunderstood

you feel
you feel like you're alone
and oh, it don't seem right
no warm july

so lay me down
down by the river
and bury my head
in the naked flame

oh burn me up 
and create another
someone to take the weight
and bring peace of mind
bring warm july