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Song In Uniform Chords

'Song In Uniform' - SODASTREAM
[From the album 'Looks Like A Russian']

Intro: Dm Am Dm Am

   wanted to leave,
wanted to leave the city
Dm                        Am
jesus was standing far behind
   never never felt nothing, 
nothing but out of place
    Dm                             Am
the walls crying christmas in the line

wanted to believe
wanted to believe the country
‘cause there i’m told that yes those people would
wanted to serve but only to serve myself
‘cause then i’m told that christmas wasn’t good
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G                         Am
 and i see that you were arranging
G                                Am
 now that your family’s in the clear
Dm         Am  
  should i let her be
Dm         Am
  should i send a rose
Dm                Am            G
  now the liquors in his hands again

 christmas is over
now the blankets go home
      Am           Am
i was angry, i was angry
 christmas was choking 
and i need to be home
      Am            Am
i was loaded, i was loaded

Outro:  C G Am Am -let ring