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Reservations Chords

Capo 2.

C Am Em Em

I stand here in uncertain 
times where signposts are down 
and I can't see
for all the fog in my eyes

you need someone to hold you
you need someone to mould with
and I can't see
for the stars in my eyes

Dm              Am
 that was where we ran aground
    C     G
and ended this
Dm              Am
walked soft and made no sound
     C        G
with shopping fits (?)
[ Tab from: ]
come back my way now
                 F                    C
don't leave your girlish pride in the sound
it's warm here
     Dm              Am               G
it's dry but I could learn to live without
and the second time you came back
            F                C
though your fortunes were in doubt
Am          Dm
somethings, these warm things
      Am           G
bring reservations down,
reservations down

C Am Em Em

come down, oh he said he might come down
throw away and you need and be sure (?)
if the quarterline's on (?)
you can, oh he said that you can
come away and you need and be sure
if you can be alone

Chorus: Last few lines:
though your marriage was in doubt
sunbeams, and string beans
and reservations down,
reservations down

Instrumental: Harmonica Verse + up to " fits"

Chorus starting "come back my way now"