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Sueles Dejarme Chords

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Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 11:01:25 -0300 (GMT-0300)
From: Diego Sanchez Navarro 

	Well, I noticed there were a couple of this great band's songs 
here in OLGA, so here is my contribution. This song is in their 5th LP 
"Cancion Animal", and is fairly simple to play...
The intro and almost the whole song revolve around three chords:

  Em    C  D
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Except for the pre-chorus bit that goes: A  B  C  G  D  (The A, B and C 
are played as power chords)


Nena nunca voy a ser un superhombre
Sueles dejarme solo
Estoy abriendo el juego, un juego electrico
Sueles dejarme solo
Ay, ay, ay ... Sin respuesta
El riesgo es el camino mas intenso
Sueles dejarme solo
Afuera el frio embiste, adentro el vertigo
Sueles dejarme solo
Ay, ay, ay...

Nena nunca voy a ser un superhombre
Y sueles dejarme (sueles dejarme) solo...

Em 022000  C x32010 or x35553  D xx0232 or x57775
A (power chord) x022xx  B (power chord) x244xx  C (power chord) x355xx

G 320033   

Any other SODA STEREO songs, or by any argentinian group, e-mail me at    Peace & love to everyone...