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How To Be Dead Chords

Artist: Snow Patrol
Song: How to be dead
Album: Final Straw
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Intro: D F#m G E7
    D                        F#m          
 Please dont go crazy if i tell you the truth 
     G                              E7
you dont know what happened and you never will if
  D                           F#m               
You dont listen to me while i talk to the wall
       G                          E7
This blanket is freezing its been out in the hall
              D                           F#m
While you've had me for hours until i'm sure what i want
               G                          E7
But darling i want the same thing that i wanted before 
so sweetheart tell me whats up
I wont stop
no way
  D                                    F#m
Please keep your hands down and stop raising your voice
             G                        E7             
It's hardly what i'd be doing if you gave me a choice
         D                        F#m
It's a simple suggestion can you give me some time
            G                         E7
So just say yes or no why cant you shoulder the blame
                 D                           F#m
cause both my shoulders are heavy from the weight of us both
        G                      E7
Your a big boy now so lets not talk about growth
                     D                 G
You've not heard a single word i have said
Oh my God

D F#m G E X3 
 D                          F#m
Please take it easy it can all be my fault
           G                                   E7
I haven't made half the mistakes that you've listed so far 
      D                             F#m 
baby let me explain something it's all down to drugs 
            G                       E7
at least i remember taking them and not a lot else
               D                               F#m
it seems i've stepped over lines you've drawn again and again
              G                     E        
but if the ecstasy's in the wit is definatly out
     D                 G            
Dr Jekyll is wrestling Hyde 
For my pride