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Im Moving On Chords

I'm Moving On
Hank Snow

    D - (xx0232)
Dsus2 - (xx0233)
    G - (320003)
    A - (X02220)
(Regurlarly fiddle intro but it sounds like this on guitar)


That big eight wheeler, rolling down the track

means your true loving daddy ain't comming back
                 G                 D
'cause I'm moving on, I'll soon be gone
          A                                                  D
You were flying too high for my little old sky so I'm moving on

That big loud whistle as it blew and blew
said hello to the southland, we're coming to you
                G               D
and we're moving on, oh hear my song
             A                                            D
you had the laugh on me, so I set you free and I'm moving on.

(Fiddle break)

Mister fireman won't you please listen to me 

'cause I got a pretty mama in Tennessee 
              G                 D
keep moving me on, keep rolling on
    A                                                        D
so shovel the coal, let this rattler roll and keep moving me on.
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Mister engineer take that throttle in hand

this rattlers the fastest in the southern land
                 G                 D
to keep moving me on, keep rolling on
          A                                                   D
you gonna ease my mind, put me there on time and keep rolling on.

(Guitar break)

I've told you baby from time to time

but you just wouldn't listen or pay me no mind 
              G                D
now I'm moving on, I'm rolling on
        A                                                  D
You've broken your vow and it's all over now so I'm moving on.

You've switched your engine now I aint got time

for a triflin' woman on my main line
                 G                        D
'cause I'm moving on, you done your daddy wrong
   A                                                             D
I warned you twice now you can settle the price cause I'm moving on.

But someday baby when you had your play 

your gonna want your daddy but your daddy will say
           G                        D
keep moving on, you stayed away too long
     A                                             D
I'm through with you too bad your blue keep moving on.

(Fiddle fade)