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Nuthin But A G Thang Tab

                             G Thang by Snoop Dogg
Tabbed by: LilSkeeto aka Brey :)
Email: or
(if ya wanna get it to me sooner)

Tuning: Eh... I never change my toonink. It's regular... cause I'm lazy.
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B|------7-5-7-----------------8-7--5-7-----|(repeat 7-5-7-9-7-5 part)

Muy Simplé... or... Very simple. AND FUN! Get out ur ol' skoo' jointz and
nod ya head ta this one, to impress ya home boyz, aiight?

I'm black don't worry. 

Oh and see if the last note is 7 cause on my cell phone it goes down a note
after the second time... I don't have the CD to check it.