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Date: Sat, 30 Sep 1995 10:21:51 -0500
From: Roger Phillips 

                        You Think You Know Somebody
                              by Todd Snider

Intro:  Bm     Asus2 (x02200) GaddA (32023x) (the song is 6\8 or 3\4)
     Bm             GaddA
You think you know somebody.
     Bm        GaddA
You think they know you.
     Bm        GaddA
You think you know somebody.
But man you never do.

Jackie used to live three blocks away from me.
We used to throw a baseball and climb his old oak tree.
We would smoke his daddy's cigarettes behind the picket fence.
     D                   A
We swore that  we would always be the best of friends.
     Bm                  Em
We would sit on the curb and talk on summer nights,
     GaddA                    A
'Til Jackie's daddy called him, and he took off like a light.

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Fridays were all the same our high school senior year.
We hung out by the river and drank Black Label beer.
We listened to the stories with all our old friends.
And sometimes took a toke or two down by the river bend.
I remember I promised Jackie I'd drive him home on Friday night.
He said, "Go on without me. Buddy, I'll be alright."

We went off to college to start our Freshman year.
I went to a school about an hour away from here.
But you know Jackie, He took off, went to college out of state.
He used to call me all the time and tell me it was great.
He said, "I'm coming home for Christmas.  I hope you'll do the same."
He said that he would come, but Jackie never came.


When Jackie got married, I was his best man.
He moved back to town.  We were neighbors again.
I met a woman.  I got married, too.
Our families got together every Sunday afternoon.
His boy and my boy they would talk on summer nights.
'Til Jackie called his boy home, and he took off like a light.

Last night I saw the flashing lights, and I quickly rushed outside.
A neighbor lady told me Jackie's youngest boy had died.
I was shocked to see the police had Jackie handcuffed in the car.
Until this morning's paper told me Jackie'd gone too far.
Now they say Jackie's not the only one to blame.
Battered children almost always grow up to do the same.


These lyrics are not perfect.  I don't have much patience when it comes to
transcribing lyrics.