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Db Cooper Chords

Song:	D.B. Cooper
Artist:	Todd Snider

          G                      D                   C                      G                      D                          C
V 1.  DB cooper was 43 when we first heard his name.  47 miles away from where he fell 
                                G                           D                             G                       D               C
down to his fame.  He told me that the hardest part wasn’t really jumpin out of that plane, 
G                                           C                              G
it was spending the night, watching those lights, shine down through the pouring rain.

             G                              D                            C                                G
V 2.  They had a man hunt that next morning like nothing I had ever seen.  I was only 8 
D                                C                                            G                             D                                                                    
years old at the time, watchin on the tv screen.  They were saying he was never gonna 
                    G                 D                    C            G                                              C
make it now, now that daylight had set in.  But later that night they were shining those 
lights, down on the mountain again.
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               C                 G        C                          G             C
Chorus:  Not far away, from the city of roses, they all watched those lights up through the 
rain, for DB cooper.

            G                                         D                                 C                            G
V 3.  So the cops blocked off all the exit roads, and turned lose all of their hounds.  Even 
                  D                                           C                                          G                        
dragged the river up a couple of times, to see if he had drowned.  With all of those men 
         D                     G                      D                   C          G                              C
working over time they swore they would bring him in.  But a pair of shoes, and a few 
100 dollars, was all that they ever found.


           G                              D                                C                                 G
V 4.  Some people say that he died up there, up there in the rain and the wind.  Other 
                        D                                        C                             G                       
people say that he got away, but his girlfriend did him in.  The lawmen say if he’s out 
D              G                  D                    C            G                                      C
there, someday they’re gonna drag him in.  But as for me, I hope they never see, old DB 
Cooper again.


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