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Six Underground Chords

Six Underground Tab - Sneaker Pimps

This song basically repeats F# and A throughout. It's pretty simple.

F#            A
e---2----     e---o---
b---2----     b---o---
g---3----     g---2---
d---4----     d---2---
a---4----     a---2---
E---2----     E---o---

F#           A
take me down, 6 underground

F#                        A   
the ground beneath your feet.

F#           A
Laid out low, nothing to go

  F#              A
nowhere a way to meet. 

F#                        A
I've got a head full of drought
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     F#                      A
down here, so far off losing out, 

F#                  A               F#
round here. Overground, watch this space

      A                 F#
I'm open to falling from grace.

calm me down
bring it round
too way high off your street
i can see like nothing else
in me you're better than I wanna be.

don't think 'cos i understand i care
don't think 'cos i'm talking we're friends 

talk me down, safe and sound, too
strung up to sleep
wear me out
scream and shout
swear my time's never cheap

i fake my life like i've lived;
too much
i take whatever you're given; 
not enough

This is my first tab, let me know if there's anything that should be changed!