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Date: Thu, 25 May 1995 00:32:48 -0400
From: (Utku Er)

    This is my first mail to Guitar Achive.....I'm crazy about Smokie !
  I don't know how much this is correct but it is the way that I play 
  it on my guitar. Hope you enjoy it.....It's pretty easy.....
  I've got some others but I make no promises to send.If you want mail me.! 
  Corrections appreciated..Especially in Lyrics..!(You'll Understand Why)
  Living Next Door To Alice - Smokie 
Use this arpeggios on the first and last lyrics :

A                                    D 

 E                                   A                 E   

Riff#1 :                   Riff#2 :
  E                         E
|--------------------|     |------------------|
|--------------------|     |------------------|
|--------------------|     |------------------|
|-------------0-2----|     |------------------|
|-------0-2-4--------|     |------------------|
|-0-2-4--------------|     |-0---2---4--------|

Sally called and she got the word.   
D                               E             A          E
She said I suppose you've heard..............About Alice... 
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When I rushed to the window and I looked the outside,
I could hardly believe my eyes.
E                             A             E
The big limosine hold up into Alice's driver...

Refrain :__________________________________________________
I don't know why she's leaving and whee she's going to go.
I guess she's got reasons, but I just don't want to know.
         E                                      A     E     
Just for 24 years I've been living next door to Alice......

24 years just waiting for a chance
to tell her how I fell and maybe get a second glance.
          E                      E7                  A     E
Now, I've got to get used to not living next door to Alice...

We walk together, two kids in the park.
D                                             E        A      E        
???? ?? ??? (I Can't get them),deep in the ???......Been Alice.

As she walks to the door and keep her hand high..
Just fo a moment, I cought her eyes.
E                                       A              E 
As the big limosine move slowly, out of Alice's driver...

Refrain...(Use Riff#1 instead of last E )...

And Sally called back and ask how I felt.
D                              E              A        E
And she said I know how to help.........Get over Alice...

She said now Alice has gone but I'm still here...
You know I've been waiting 24 years....
    E                       (Riff#2)
The big limosine disappeared.........


          E                     E7                 A (EndRiff)
No, I'll never get used to not living next door to Alice.....

EndRiff :(I'm not sure but something like :)

                                   Utku Er
                              E-Mail :