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Simply Jessie Chords

                              Simply Jessie
                           S. Lawrence, B. Hart
                               Rex Smith

Dedicated to MARIE
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INTRO: GM7 – CM7 - ; ( 4x )                                                                     

           GM7                      CM7
And I don’t know how I knew it

          GM7            CM7
But I knew it somehow,

                   Am7   D7sus,D7    GM7      CM7
You’re the answer       to the     question

        Am7                  D7sus-D7-
No one’s answered till now.


            CM7                        G/B
And I don’t know what you see

Am7                    G
What you see in me,

       CM7               G/B
But, girl it’s nothin’ to

A7sus    A7        D7(or D9)- D7sus
What I see      in you.
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                 GM7              CM7
Stars that glisten, lips for kissin’

         GM7                  CM7
Honey,      listen, it’s true,

             Am7  D7sus, D7             GM7   CM7
No one ever               loved you   better

                Am7   D7sus-D7
I love ya, honey.

AD LIB: (1st stanza chords)


                CM7               G/B
And I’ve known a girl or two

       Am7                       G
But none of them was you

      CM7                   G/B
And they could never be

A7sus          A7       D7sus- Eb7sus-
What you are       to me.

(Repeat 2nd  stanza, except last 2 chords, moving chords one fret (AbM7) higher)


Eb7sus pause   (chord pattern AbM7- DbM7-)
I love you, um-hmmmmmm
I love you, oh-hohhh,
I love you
I love you, um-hmmmmmm

               AbM7 (or AbM9)
I love you.