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Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 20:38:30 -0600
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Song: Love Me Good
Artist: (Michael W. Smith/Wayne Kirkpatrick) ©1998 Rocketown Records
Tabbed by : Darrick Hurst

        I don't have the intro yet, but here is the majority of the
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  C                 G     C        G
Sometimes I feel like this world
C          G             C                 G
Is just one big, gigantic merry-go-round
  C            C
You gotta hold on tight
  C                    G
Or you get hurled thru the air
C     G    C
Yea, life is a 3 ring circus
C            G    C       G           C           G
With clowns and freaks and camels and such
C       G      C     G          C
And you never know when you might be
C        G    C    G  C
Attacked by the bears

Am  Bm   G     Am   Bm   G
Give  me  love, give   me   love
Bm   G    C
Love me good

Sometimes I feel like I'm afraid of my own shadow and then
Sometimes I can feel as bold as Genghis Khan
But I could never live in a yurt
On a diet of Mongolian barbecue
I conquer the world for a moment
Then the moment is gone

Let us take a moment now to bow our heads and pray
If only to give thanks for making it thru another day

Sometimes I wish I was in a movie
Or some 70s TV thing
Where everything gets neatly wrapped by the end of the show

Yea, but this ain't Hollywood
And this sure ain't the Brady Bunch
How this plot's gonna all pan out
I don't really know

the timing of the chords isn't right because I just heard this song
twice on the
radio. Just work with it a little and it will probably sound right.

       E-Mail me with any corrections.
                                    --Darrick (