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You Never Promised Tomorrow Chords

Smith, Josh
"You never promised tomorrow"
Written by Smith

(verse 1)
(E)You never promised tomor(E6)row
(A)What shall i (G5)do to(E)day
(E)maybe i should give it to (E6)you
(A)i'm ready please (G5)take me A(E)way

(chorus 1)
(E)You never promised (Ab)tomorrow(A)
(A)should i really feel (G5)this (G)way
(E)live'n life with A (Ab)passion(A)
(A)i'm ready for (G5)any (G)day
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(verse 2)
i'm ready for your return
send others to a crash and burn
i think im ready now
i pray that things will workout

(chorus 2)
You never promised tomorrow
or anyother day
Better be well prepared
cometh and taketh away

(Chorus 3)
You never promised tomorrow
what shall i do today
get down and get ready
Lord cometh and taketh away

(E)promise of good vibrations
(A)all the sincere conditions
(G5)fullfill my expectations
(G)on A permenate vacation

(verse 1 again)
repeat intro-end on a regular "G" chord

I'm just a young singer/songwriter who is trying to get my works
out and heard. For comments,put-downs,encouragement, or advice please
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thank you, josh smith

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