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Taste Of Heaven Chords

"taste of heaven"
Written by Josh Smith

(verse 1)
C                           A
If i could make it thru the day
IT would all end up okay
But its hard to understand 
       A                  C
Words written by devilish hands
its only clear to see
                   G        C
you will always be here for me

[ Tab from: ]
So when i see you
C                A#  Am
It reminds me of a song
i used to sing it all day long
                     A#  Am
i dont know just how it goes
        G               C
i dont know... i dont know
                    A#   Am
But you fill me up with life
bring peace to all my nights
                  A#    Am
it could all just be destined
         G                  C
your presence is a taste of heaven

|----10--------9--------7-------5--------        then:

power chords   CC   CC    CC    CC

(verse 2)
Now my life has lagged behind
lost somewhere in the sands of time
if its needing this or not having that
is this really where its at
its only clear to me
you always be here for me