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10 Years From Tomorrow Chords

"10 years from tomorrow"
words and music by Josh Smith

(verse 1)
Everything i had you thru out on that interstate
My body's burning 
Get'n twisted in my own fate
Sometimes I wonder did you ever even really care
But this life is mine and not yours to share

YOu twisted, tangled, you tied me up
i'm free now and i say your so out of luck
i'll leave you buried in the misk of your sorrow
i'll be gone 10 years from tomorrow

(verse 2)
You thought you had me
Wrapped round that lit'l finger of yours
But i unwound i'll tell you now thats for sure
Everything i ever did wasnt out of love for you
i did it for myself and that i tell you is the truth
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-(repeat Chorus)-
You twisted, tangled, you tied me down
i broke free just to rome around
i took all your money, hey lets call it a borrow
ill pay it back, 10 years from tomorrow

-(chorus to end w/ intro playing cont. after bridge)

     INTRO                   verse/chorus chords
Bridge chords:E,A,D,G

josh smith( "this is true to form, hell im
                                                  just gett'n warm."