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Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 21:40:20 -0500 (EST)
From: Derek 
Subject: CRD:s/smiling politely/i'm not gay.crd

"I'm Not Gay"--Smiling Politely

Chords and lyrics transcribed by Derek J. Smith

G, D7, Am, C, F,


   G                A7
I may be different that is true
    C               G
but I am just as straight as you
       G              A7
I've never kissed a man before
       C            G
and I hope I never do

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G   D7  Am
I'm not gay
no way,
G   D7  Am   C
I'm not gay
G   D7  Am
I'm not gay 
no way 
    F        G
I'm not......Gay


G                A7
Just because our hair and clothes
      C                   G
don't match the ones that you all know
   G              A7
We may be loser's yes we know
          C          G
but we're not gay as you say so



G                 A7
People stare when we walk by
     C                  G
they call us freaks and we wonder why
         G              A7  
since my mind is always in so deep
         C                  G      
all your comments to me are really cheap

Chorus x2: