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False Alarm Chords

This is a very simple song to play, it uses the same four bar chords throughout 
the whole song(F - Ab - Eb - Bb). If you're playing acoustic (or if you just want 
to use open chords) you can tune your guitar down a half step and play Em - G - D - A.

Intro, 2 bars

F                    Ab
Glass shard sticking out of my heart
         Eb                         Bb
Now the summer has subsided for the rain
F                 Ab
Last time take a look in these eyes
        Eb                        Bb
Spend eternity escaping from the pain
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F                     Ab
Last chance when the hummingbirds dance
         Eb                         Bb
And the river's overflowing on its banks
F                    Ab
Hold tight when the weather is right
          Eb                              Bb
There's another that awaits to take your place

Break for 2 bars
F                Ab
  False alarm I could have sworn
      Eb                 Bb
That something else was going on
F               Ab
 False alarm I could have sworn
That something else 

Just follow this pattern and listen for the changes and you'll do just fine.