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With Every Light Chords

With Every Light
By Billy Corgan
From "Machina"
Transcribed by Mike Robinson

F                                  Dm                C
Taking over, we're taking over     Through weight up off your shoulders
now that

we can show our love...

 Dm                                 A#           Am       G
 Away with all the troubles that you've made...Away...
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F                                                     Dm                        C
Look ma the sun is shining on me, impatient, in love, and aching to be

A#                          G                                       Am
Could you believe in heaven if heaven was all you had?

A#                                                         Am                               C
And every light I find (and every light and I find) is every light that shining down on

A#             G
Me...I'm never alone

Parts of this might be a little off, but it is basically right.