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By Smashing Pumpkins
From Earphoria and Vieuphoria

transcription by:Geoff Dietz

This is a pretty simple tune, but i've never seen a transcription for it,
so here's one. Play it with distortion and lots o' flange/chorus.

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E                         A
i see you comin' from the sky
E                          A
i see you callin' from the sky
     B         A         E
your sky can't heal you again
     B         A         E
your sky won't heal you again
E                 A
why must i try oh why must i try
'cuz i'm waiting for you
like never waited for me
(A)    E
why oh why,
   A          E
oh why why oh why
  A          E
i try why oh why
must i try
i know what you mean

That's it. Enjoy! thanx to Eric Agnew's web page for the lyrics.
Send your comments (especially if you think i'm horribly mistaken with
the chords, i could well be, but i'm pretty sure it's good).