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From: Jeff Townsend 
Subject: s/smalltown_poets/anymore.crd
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 16:09:02 -0400

Song title: Anymore
Artist: Smalltown Poets
Submitter: Casey Townsend
Transcriber: Bert Hatch
>From the self titled album "Smalltown Poets."
Copyright 1997 on Forefront Records

			Verse 1
Cover it up with a question mark,

Cover it with a crowd,
         G#5      A5       B5
Keeping myself among the proud
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I don't believe anyone could love,

Anyone less if they tried.
            G#5      A5     B5    A5
I smiled at you and died inside, inside.
(pre chorus)
F#                  B
I heard the voice I knew,
F#                         B
Covered it over with thoughts of you,
F#              B      E        A     E         A
Never keeping silent anymore, silent anymore, anymore.

                  Verse 2
Silently think of a prayer for me,
Voice it inside your head.
Maybe I need to hear it said, it said.
Sometimes the word condemns the thought
So they are held a lot.
(pre chorus)
Whether it's God or it's you,
I need to speak and be spoken to,
Can't stand this silence anymore, silence anymore, anymore.