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Date: Fri, 12 Apr 96 17:30:45 EDT
From: slehman@MIT.EDU (Scott A. Lehman)
Subject: Dancing Light - Fred Small

from the album "No Limit"
(c) 1981 Pine Barrens Music

C                      Am
   i remember her when she was shining bright
   Dm               Am                 G
   deep in her dark eyes there shone a dancing light
       F              G                C                F
   she always used to say that she was not the marrying kind
     Dm              G                   C
   until she met the man who changed her mind
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he was beautiful and lord, he was strong
knew where he was going, rising like the sun
and he believed in her and listened to her thoughts
and long into the evening they would talk

F                   G                     C     Em7     Am
seemed like we just blinked our eyes and  - she slipped away
     Dm            F                 Dm         G
this woman full of fire and wonder - only yesterday
      F                    G            C              F
there ain't no doubt she's happy, ain't nothing really wrong
        Dm              G                Am
but the dancing light inside her eyes is gone

he got the job he wanted, she left hers behind
she said she had no future there - she didn't mind
in another city she began a brand new life
loving the man and learning to be a wife

we still get a letter from time to time
she writes about the baby, not what's on her mind
i guess she's got her reasons, it ain't for me to say
but it makes me sad to lose a friend that way